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‘Baked With Love’ Lifts Spirits of Flood Victims

What began as a way to spread love and support in regional communities is now lifting up those affected by the recent floods.

By Nicky BeckerWednesday 16 Mar 2022Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

Main Image: Trina Patterson from ‘Baked With Love’ (supplied). Listen: Trina speaks to Ken & Nicky about how ‘Baked With Love’ is supporting flood victims.

A sweet treat is more that just something yummy to eat, it’s a way to let others know you care.

Brisbane is a generous community. With the floods of late and the devastation of houses and material things, there has been a real drive for financial donations and people who can physically help with the clean up.

However, there are those who desperately want to help those in their community but they do not have the financial means or the physical strength to do so. We know that people have been asking how else can they help.

If you can bake cookies, if you can bake a fruit cake or maybe a brownie, then you are needed to help those who are hurting during this rebuilding time in Brisbane. It’s possible to show your care through ‘Baked With Love’.

‘Baked With Love’ was formed by Trina Patterson from Central Queensland.  It began when smaller regional communities came together to let communities in the state’s North West know that they were in their thoughts and prayers during the flood disaster.  When Trina saw what was happening in Brisbane, she knew it was time to repeat this initiative.

“The amount of devastation, more people have been affected and our aim is to get a load of baked good to them in the week of the 21 to 25th of March,” she said.  “Basically we’re cooking robust cakes and things that can last a few miles in the back of my Prado!”

Trina says that ‘Baked With Love’ knows that baked goods can not only touch the belly, but they can really touch the heart.

“To receive a cake or batch of biscuits in the mail with a note from someone else, just wishing them the best and they are thinking of them just really lifts the spirits”.

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