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Brisbane’s Fairy Godmother Giving Students Their Special Moment

Formally Ever after is a free community program which helps dress students so they can go to their Year 12 formal.

By Steff WillisThursday 6 Oct 2022Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

After 12 years of studying at school, one of the most anticipated moments for a student is the glamorous school Formal. 

It’s a chance to put on a beautiful frock, maybe for the first time wear high heels, fix your hair and makeup or put on your first tuxedo. It’s a special moment and for many, a right of passage. However, with the rise of cost in living, the reality of going to formal this year for some is out of reach.

One organization that wants to help get students to their school formal is Formally Ever After. Formally Ever After is a free community program in Logan which helps with dresses, suits, footwear and accessories for students who are struggling so they can celebrate at their school formal.

Tammy Robinson started Formally Ever After in 2019 when she realised that many students and families were struggling to afford the costs of their year 12 formal and weren’t attending as a result.

Tammy from Formally Ever After

96five’s Ken and Nicky caught up with Tammy to hear about her heart for these students.

“All students should get to go to their formals and not worry about how they’ll get a dress or a suit for this special event in their life” Tammy said.

“They should all go with confidence, pride, amazing smiles and have the best night. Your formal is closure for all your hard work.”

Since 2019, Tammy has helped dress approximately 1170+ students from over 100+ schools. Not only does this initiative help students, it takes the burden off struggling mum and dad who want to give their children this special experience.

“I grew up in this area and I fully understand how hard life can be when there isn’t much money to spare”.

Source: Formally Ever After Facebook

Tammy also expressed her gratitude to the community for their help.

“Knowing that their community did this for them, by donating their used formal wear, because they want them to attend”.

Formally Ever After accepts donations of all things formal for both boys and girls. Items like gowns, bridesmaid dresses, costume jewellery, blingy/sparkly hair accessories/tiaras, clutches, formal heels, suits, vests, cuff links, ties, men’s dress shoes and dress shirts. Plus size items are also highly sought after.

To find out more on how to access or support the Formally Ever After service, get in touch with Tammy via email or send a message to Formally Ever After Facebook.

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Feature Image: Toria on Unsplash