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96five’s Nicky Joins Access Street Vans on the Streets of Brisbane

Access Street Vans have been serving Brisbane's homeless for over 25 years and this Homelessness Week, Nicky decided to join them.

By Steff WillisThursday 4 Aug 202296five BreakfastInspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

96five’s Nicky Becker has always wanted to do something to help Brisbane’s homeless community.

After meeting Ps Russ hearing about the work of Access Street Vans, she decided to join them for a night on the streets of Brisbane.

Nicky caught up with Ken during Brissy Brekky to share her experience and what stood out to her.

“I think the word that I’m looking for is… beautiful” Nicky said.

“It’s not that I was seeing beautiful things or anything like that. It was knowing that I was able to provide a little bit of joy to people were doing it really tough”.

“Because all they wanted was a friendly face, a smile and a sandwich”.

96five's Nicky with the Access Street Vans

Access Street Vans has been serving food with a side of hope to Brisbane for over 25 years.

Their vans drive all throughout Brisbane to people who are sleeping rough or shelters and halfway houses.

Nicky said the experience was confronting, humbling and beautiful.

“They were so grateful. It was like they’d been looking forward to this moment all day” – Nicky

“I think the most confronting moment for me was when I met Sarah. Sarah has just left a domestic violence situation… it was obvious that she’s been through a lot of trauma”.

Sarah willingly shared some of her story with Nicky and how she’s on a journey of healing.

When Nicky asked Sarah what it meant to have Access Street Vans in the community, she described it as a blessing.

Nicky spent the evening with Mark from Access Street Vans who serves on a weekly basis.

“People want to be loved. They want to be included. They want their life to be acknowledged” Mark shared.

“They can feel so low. They feel as if no one sees them. No one wants to be with them. But with our ministry, we’re able to come along and at provide them some food firstly and if they want, some prayer and relationship. Just to know that they matter”.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Access Street Vans, visit their website. You can support their work through tax deductible donations or be like Nicky and join them in ministry on the streets of Brisbane.

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