Polls Show Many Queenslanders Don’t Want Abortion Legalised

How to Have Your Say on Abortion in QLD

The pro-life group Cherish Life wants those who oppose abortion to tell their MPs their views—preferably with a visit to their MP’s office by today.

By 96five NetworkMonday 27 Feb 2017NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

by Clare Bruce
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As State MPs prepare to debate abortion laws, Queenslanders are being urged to have their say with emails, phone calls and visits to their local MP.

The pro-life group Cherish Life wants those who oppose abortion to tell their MPs their views preferably with an old-fashioned visit to their MPs office by today.

Otherwise, a phone call will help but by Monday at the latest, because after that, MPs will be heading into Parliament.

In 2008 in Victoria [when abortion laws were changed], lots of people were phoning through to their MPs office and saying please don’t vote for this, we don’t want it, Cherish Life’s Andrew Smith told 96five.

“What was discovered only afterwards, is that their staff who were pro-abortion themselves, were not passing on phone messages.  Writing a hand-written personal letter or going and seeing your MP are the two best ways of ensuring that the MP actually does get to hear from the community that you guys are deadset against abortion.

Writing letters

Cherish Life says that letters are most effective if they are short and to the point.

Please do not vote for any changes to the abortion law… is as little as it takes, they say.

You may wish to make a few points, but it is not absolutely necessary. It is good enough just to remind your MP that you are a constituent and this is your strong view, says their website.

Phone or visit your MP

If you have run out of time for a letter, then a phone call or a visit is also helpful, and a short, friendly conversation with a staffer to register your opinion is all that is required.

Cherish Life also urges people to visit their MP in person, and encourages them to find out a little about their MP, and approach in a friendly way, for a short chat.

Most MPs are very friendly and approachable people, who are very dedicated to doing what they think is best for their electorate, says their website.

It helps to take pro-life material with you, or even showing your MP a 4D color ultrasound video of unborn babies on your phone or ipad (see www.babystepsdvd.com )to help them understand the value of a baby’s life.

Share your views in a way that educates your MP and that invites discussion, Cherish Life suggests. Always be polite and gracious and if necessary agree to disagree. Express your thanks before the meeting ends, leaving [them] with a good impression.

For more details call Cherish Life at [email protected] or on 07 3871 2445.

Polls show many Queenslanders don’t want abortion legalised

Recent research by the pro-life group Cherish Life has shown that over 8 in 10 Queenslanders believe abortion harms women’s health, and nearly 9 in 10 want to see a cooling-off period when it comes to making decisions about abortion.  The figures also show most Queenslanders are against both mid-term and late-term abortions, and believe that an unborn baby is a person with a life.

Over 25,000 people have already signed a petition [that is now closed] opposing MP Rob Pyne’s bill to legalise abortion, while pro-life supporters marched in a rally in Brisbane on January 11 in a stand for unborn babies.

Debate set to begin on Wednesday

While six MPs conducted the inquiry into abortion reform bills, and prepared a 117-page report, the committee is split down the middle according to Cairns Post and those six MPs have failed to agree on whether the legislation should be supported.

Debate begins on March 1, and will continue every Wednesday night until a decision is reached, with the Labor Party allowing its members to have a conscience vote according to the Brisbane Times.