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Aussie Drought – How You Can Help!

By Christie MannMonday 6 Aug 2018

You’ve seen it on your TVs and in your social media feeds, Australian farmers are coming perilously close to losing their farms, crops and stock. It’s easy to feel somewhat removed living along the coastline – but our farmers are the backbone of our nation – and they need our help NOW.

According to an ABC report farmers are facing ruin across New South Wales and Queensland in what some are calling the worst drought in living memory, with costs of stock feed and transport spiraling.

July was the driest month Australia has seen since 2002 (Source: BOM) and has caused severe drought in 98% of New south Wales and around two-thirds of Queensland. With the cost and availability of feed and transport rising and the price of stock falling, to say farmers are doing it tough is an understatement with many saying that they are no longer able to make ends meet.

As Queensland farmer Ashley Gamble told 9 News. “$12,000 doesn’t even buy a load of grain.”

Some parts of Australia’s water supply is on its last legs before the wells run dry and the water supply is cut off. For irrigators who need water to grow everything from mangoes, avocadoes, mandarins, and cattle, the supply will be cut off in September. (Source: ABC)

And it’s not just traditional farmers that are feeling the sting, beekeepers are running out of nectar

The Australian government has so far pledged $576 million on drought measures comprising of mental support funding and the Farm Household Allowance (FHA) scheme – but many are saying it’s just not enough.

Here are two ways that you can help!

Farmers are the backbone of every household in Australia – without them we couldn’t put food on the table. Australians are urged to show their support either financially or through prayers.


  • for peace and help where it is urgently needed for the families and communities facing hardship
  • short term and long term restoration of the land and animals
  • rain to replenish the land, dams and tanks 


There are many wonderful charities and organisations that are lending a helping hand to our farmers. Organisations like Buy a Bale, Drought Angels, and many more seek to provide communities with feed for livestock, diesel, water, care packages, financial assistance, and emotional support.

For more information or to donate, click the links below.

Buy a Bale

Drought Angels

Aussie Helpers

Need for Feed

Red Cross

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