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Remembering Callun – A Life Cut Short

A Brisbane father who died in a tragic accident on the Gateway is being remembered as a caring family man who would do anything for anyone.

By Justin RouillonMonday 4 Nov 2019NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Callun Winter is being remembered by his family as a caring family man, generous with his time and talents, and a perfect match for his wife Karen.

The Stafford Heights cabinet maker and father of three died last week, when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car and a truck on the Gateway Motorway at Bracken Ridge.

Heartbreakingly, Karen is 37 weeks pregnant with the couple’s fourth child.

Dean Winter is Callun’s older brother and told 96five that he was on his way to help a friend.

“From the texts on his phone he was on his way to a mate’s house to do some measurements and to tell him what type of cabinets would fit into his space. That was exactly what he liked to do. He was always happy to help people.”

Callun had a number of passions and it was at a recent musical production that he was able to combine his musical talents with his trade skills. ‘The Pond’ was staged at All Saints Anglican Church in Chermside, and was written, produced and directed by Callan’s mum.

“We didn’t have a stage so Callun built it. Then we needed a set, so he organised the pieces for the set decorations and built it. He also performed as a singer and dancer.”

Dean said that the production was a bonding experience for the extended family.

“The whole family was involved, cousins, grandparents, and all the kids of course. His involvement was typical of the person he was – whatever needed to be done he would jump in and do it. He was such a generous guy.”

In his early days Callun was heavily involved in the Brisbane music scene as a bass player with local bands The Paperbacks and The Aviators amongst others.

“We’re a very musical family but he was the most gifted out of all of us. He had elements of synaesthesia where he could see music as colours, and could pick up most instruments relatively quickly.”

As well as music he liked to take on new challenges and was well known as an administrator in the remote-control community.

At the time of his death Callun’s newest passion was for motorcycles, and Dean said that he was methodical in his approach to riding.

“He put so much effort into researching motorbikes and learning which would be right for him. He did the Q-Ride courses, got his licence, purchased the safety gear and had been saving madly for his bike”.

A Family Man

But it was his family that he was most passion about. Callun leaves behind his thirteen year old daughter Qila, and sons – six year old Xamia and five year old Ezra. His wife Karen is 37 weeks pregnant and in just a few weeks will be caring for a newborn.

“He adored his family. He was as excited for the new baby as he was first time around. He and Karen were perfect matches for each other, they weren’t interested in impressing anybody, they just loved each other for who they were.”

The family have had the loving arms of their friends, extended family and church community wrapped around them, but are also looking to the future and the unexpected nature of what is to come.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by Karen’s sister to help support the family as they adjust to life without their husband and dad.

“Obviously with a new baby there’s limited opportunity to work, so we hope to stretch out how long Karen can spend with the new baby and provide the whole family support.”