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Attorney-General Wins Supreme Court Action to Cancel Story Bridge Protest

By Justin RouillonMonday 10 Aug 2020

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath won a Supreme Court action over the weekend to cancel a mass protest planned on Saturday 8 August at Brisbane’s Story Bridge.

The Attorney-General was granted injunctive relief in the Queensland Supreme Court under the Attorney-General Act 1999.

“The Supreme Court banned the organisers from attending the planned protest and prohbited them from encouraging others to attend,” she said.

“The organisers were also ordered to publish a notice on Facebook and other platforms telling their followers that the protest had been cancelled.

“The Palaszczuk Government, along with the vast majority of Queenslanders, didn’t want to see this irresponsible protest go ahead.

“We support the right to peaceful protest but in the current environment organisers should find other ways to get their voice heard.

“In all circumstances, the health and safety of Queenslanders has to be paramount.

“It would have been reckless to allow the protest to proceed and risk undoing all Queenslanders’ good work in suppressing COVID-19.”

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