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Coronavirus – Important Information – QLD Restrictions Easing

By 96five Tuesday 10 Mar 2020

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Update on Early Childhood Relief Package (Free Childcare)

The Australian Government has confirmed the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package will be extended until 12 July 2020. From 13 July 2020, Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy will recommence with the introduction of a number of new measures to support providers and families through this period.

From 13 July, the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) will return, along with new transition measures to support the sector and parents as they move back to the subsidy.

To ensure Government support is appropriately targeted, JobKeeper will cease from 20 July 2020 for employees of a CCS approved service and for sole traders operating a child care service.

In recognition that this is a transition period from the Relief Package, all approved early childhood education and care services will receive a Transition Payment, in lieu of JobKeeper, for the period 13 July 2020 to 27 September 2020.

In addition, families who have had their hours of activity reduced as a result of COVID-19, will be able to advise Services Australia they meet the requirements to access of 100 hours per fortnight for up to 12 weeks.

This can be done through their Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app from 13 July 2020.

More information is available here.

Update on Queensland Restrictions

As of midday June 1st

  • Unlimited travel and overnight stays for all of Queensland# (including for school holidays)
  • Dining in or seated drinks in restaurants, cafés, pubs, registered or licensed clubs, RSL Clubs, hotels and casinos (no gaming) – up to 20 patrons per room or per defined area (indoors or outdoors) for a venue (when following a COVID SAFE Industry Plan^)

Family, friends and community

  • Gatherings of up to 20 people:
    • homes
    • public spaces and lagoons*
      (e.g. South Bank Parklands, Cairns, Airlie Beach etc)
    • non-contact indoor and outdoor community sport*
    • personal training
    • gyms*, health clubs* and yoga studios*
    • pools* (indoor and outdoor) and community sports clubs*
    • museums*, art galleries* and historic sites*
    • weddings
    • parks, playground equipment, skate parks and outdoor gyms
    • libraries*
    • hiking, camping and other recreational activities in national and state parks
    • places of worship* and religious and civil ceremonies
  • Funerals (max 50)
  • Recreational travel, camping and accommodation, including caravan parks (anywhere in Queensland)

Businesses and economy

  • Retail shopping
  • Tourism accommodation
  • 20 people permitted at any one time for:
    • indoor cinemas*
    • open homes* and auctions*
    • outdoor amusement parks*, tourism experiences*, zoos* and arcades*
    • concert venues*, theatres*, arenas*, auditoriums* and stadiums*
    • beauty therapy, nail salons, tanning, tattoo parlours and spas (with COVID SAFE Checklist).

You can:

  • * More with COVID SAFE Plan approved by health authorities
  • ^ Max 20 with a COVID SAFE Checklist when not complying with the COVID SAFE Industry Plan
  • # Except Biosecurity Areas or Restricted Areas

Infographic showing how COVID-19 symptoms compare to cold and flu.

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