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Free Cyberbullying Training for Parents

By 96five Monday 7 Sep 2020

Parents and carers have new tools to help pull the plug on cyberbullying with $440,000 from the Queensland Government.

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women Di Farmer said free access was now available to online cyberbullying training and eResources from Parentline and yourtown.

“This is online training aimed at adults with children or young people at risk of, or who are already the target of cyberbullies,” Ms Farmer said.

“We know cyberbullying is as insidious and as it is prevalent.

“It’s distressing that more than half of young Australians report they’ve experienced psychological distress from cyberbullying on social media and online chat sites.

“The Premier has urged social media platforms to be part of the solution and work harder to help create a safer online environment.

“But, social media platforms and easily to use privacy settings are just one part of the picture; parents and carers also owe it to their children to keep them safe in cyberspace.

“As a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to have the conversations we should have with our teenagers about cyber safety and appropriate online behaviour.

“That’s where online cyberbullying training and eResources from Parentline and yourtown can help to arm parents and carers with the information you need to know about internet bullies and how they operate.”

Tracy Adams CEO of yourtown welcomed the government’s funding.

“Not only has it helped us to develop training and eResources, we’ve also employed a cyberbullying consultant to provide advice to communities across Queensland,” Ms Adams said.

“Parentline has also developed training for all our counsellors so we can deliver parent and carer support by phone, web chat or email.

“Our training was developed with the support and expert knowledge of the eSafety Commissioner and we are working with health and education community networks to ensure copies of the eResources are available publicly, or on request.”

“Bullying isn’t acceptable in the playground and it shouldn’t be tolerated online either” Ms Farmer said.

“As Queenslanders, we all have a responsibility to make a stand against bullying regardless of whether it occurs in the real or virtual worlds.”

Last year more than 83,500 users accessed Parentline’s website to gain the tools to beat cyberbullying.

To connect with Parentline’s cyberbullying training and eResources go to:

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