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Melbourne Lockdown Extended – What Toll is it Taking?

As Melbourne residents get set for another week in lockdown, Ken & Nicky speak with radio host Lucy Holmes about how it's affecting locals.

By Justin RouillonFriday 4 Jun 202196five BreakfastNewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Main Image: Adrian Malec.  Listen: Melbourne radio host Lucy Holmes speaks with Ken & Nicky about the extended lockdown in Melbourne.

With Melbourne’s lockdown having been extended for another seven days, residents are starting to feel the strain of yet more time confined to their homes.

And while regional Victorians hold their breath for an easing of restrictions today, Premier Dan Andrews has told Melburnians to ‘keep fighting’.

“Just because we’ve had to do this before doesn’t mean it’s easy to do again,” he said.  “Please know every individual effort you made today and everything you’ll do tomorrow and every day will save lives.

“Keep fighting, Victoria.”

But not everyone is able to keep a stiff upper lip.

Lucy Holmes is one half of the Lucy & Kel breakfast show on Melbourne’s sister station to 96five – 89.9 The Light.

She told 96five’s Ken & Nicky that this latest lockdown has really driven people’s spirits down.

“We’ve done it really tough the last year – it’s around 180 days that we’ve been in lockdown over the last year and a half.  This last week has been a real kick in the guts; it’s been really tough mentally for everyone.”

Lucy & Kel host breakfast on 89.9 The Light in Melbourne.

Lucy said that there was a number of ways their station was bringing hope to the people of Melbourne.

“We’re trying to meet people’s needs by sending them dinner, and we’re doing a food delivery to a different house every hour.

“Casual workers in Melbourne are really struggling – there’s no more Job Keeper at the moment, and many people have no money coming in, so it’s a stressful time.”

Lucy has said there’s real community spirit to help people battling through the lockdown.

“I’ve noticed on my socials over the past few days, everyone has been posting along the lines of if you don’t have any money or food this week, let me know and I’ll get food to you via a grocery delivery.

“If you’re in Brisbane and you have friends or family in Victoria, reach out to them via text or a phone call.  Or do something fun like having a pizza or chocolate sent to their house.

“Whatever you do let them know you are thinking of them; it is really tough here right now.  We’re all trying to remain positive but it’s really scary and we though we were through it.”

Listen to the full interview with Lucy in the audio player at the top of the page.