Are we wrapping our kids too tightly in cotton wool? – 96five Family Radio

Are we wrapping our kids too tightly in cotton wool?

By 96five Wednesday 27 Jun 2012Scotty and Sal

Today, Westside News Reported
“Over-protective parenting is depriving today’s children of vital opportunities for exercise and independence, say child health experts.

With studies in Perth and Victoria finding parental fear was often a barrier to childrens’ physical activity, a new childcare centre is being built in Ashgrove aimed at allowing more natural, physical play.

Dr Alan Ralph of Triple P Positive Parenting Program said today’s parents were more protective of their children, often overstructuring their environment and reducing the opportunity for exploratory play.”

We caught up with Deb Sorensen from Focus on the Family about the problems with over protective parenting, the need for physical play and the signs that you might be a little too protective! Hear our full chat below!

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