Sal's daredevil Mum time! – 96five Family Radio

Sal’s daredevil Mum time!

By 96five Tuesday 7 Aug 2012Scotty and Sal

 width=Sal’s the kinda mum that loves to juggle a few projects at a time, and right now work & looking after her 8 month old daughter aren’t quite enough for her!

She put the call out on air for a bit of a challenge, maybe a new hobby, something different! When Jason from the Toyota Unbreakable Hilux Hero’s stunt team called she may have felt a little out of her depth when issued the challenge to join them in the precision stunt cars for one of their daily ekka shows!

Wednesday – People’s Day at The Ekka, Sal’s going to be jumping in the passenger seat of the Hilux and becoming a daredevil Mum!

More details soon, in the meantime have a listen to Jason setting the challenge!

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