Advice: Bath your baby in a laundry basket – 96five Family Radio

Advice: Bath your baby in a laundry basket

By 96five Monday 29 Apr 2013Scotty and Sal

Listen to today’s Scotty & Sal podcast below, it’s packed out with…

Seriously – bathing your kid in washing basket could be the most clever bath time ritual you ever start – Sal explains why, alongside another 4 brilliant parenting “hacks” in today’s podcast.

Things get weird when we ask you what the weirdest thing your kid has said to you is… (if you’ve got something weirder tell us here)

Plus Scotty & Sal caught up with Luke McCormick from the Australia Family Association to get the facts on Victorian Doctor facing removal of his ability to practice because he refused to refer a couple for an abortion.

Hear it all in the podcast below!

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