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Daddy Daughter Date Weekend!

By 96five Friday 3 May 2013Scotty and Sal

Scotty & Sal have just discovered a US movement encouraging Daddy Daughter date weekends on the first weekend of August – they’ve decided it’s time to bring it to Australia!

This weekend is Daddy Daughter date weekend! Every daddy loves his little girl to bits, all her amazing unique qualities, her excitement at the little beauties of the world that everyone else seems to miss. What better way to celebrate her then spending time with her, giving her 100% of your attention and making her realise how worthy of your time and love she is!

It’s simple & easy to do, and will help set a standard for the other males in her life that are sure to come knocking on your front door in years to come!

Here’s 10 tips to get you started on what to do with your beautiful daughter!

  1. Go for ice-cream
  2. Rake leaves in the backyard together, and jump in them
  3. Teach your daughter to balance on a fence, be there for when she falls
  4. Make a time capsule together, bury it where only you two will know about it
  5. Roast marshmallows in the backyard and make up your own jokes
  6. Double date with another father and daughter
  7. Shop for something special for Mum
  8. Picnic in the park
  9. Grab some old cloths and wash the car together
  10. Go for milkshakes
  11. Go check for more brilliant ideas!

If you’ve got your own suggestions or go on a daddy daughter date make sure you tell us, and send a photo of you guys by dropping them on our facebook page or by emailing!

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