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Mum to be money savers!

By 96five Thursday 2 May 2013Scotty and Sal

Money Saving tips for mums to be

Check out Today’s Scotty & Sal Podcast!

Sal’s found a list of big money saving tips for mums to be! If you’ve got your first bub on the way this will be super helpful for your growing families bank account!

PLUS we chat to Aislin O’Connor from 9 News about the proposal for Coorparoo Secondary College to be merged with Brisbane State High School – what are the benefits, and downsides of the government cost saving measure?

Is coffee in Brisbane TOO expensive? We chat to our coffee blogger about why it costs more to get a coffee in Brisbane than it does in Sydney or Melbourne.

AND the sandbucket list – what needs to be done before your kids stop…being kids?

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