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# 1 lesson for parenting teens

By 96five Wednesday 10 Apr 2013Scotty and Sal

Nothing is more terrifying to parents than their baby hitting teenage years. Years of research shows that it’s a time where they begin questioning their place in the world, often including the advice and values their parents have spent years growing in them. No matter how good the job a parent has done the fear of ending up in the wrong crowd haunts Mum & Dad’s minds, often times leading them to hold tight as their kids try and push further and further away.

Dr. Justin Coulson, a parenting coach from Happy Families & Kym Keady, a youth counsellor and speaker from Real Talk Australia have both spoken to us on the best thing a parent can do as their child becomes a teenager – both directly pointing at the need to remain connected!

These two interviews contain incredible tips for parents, particularly of younger kids, of how to connect, and remain connected and continue being the number 1 point of trust for your kids as they grow and explore this new stage of life!

Dr. Justin Coulson – We can’t always control what they’re exposed to, but by staying connected we can influence how they understand it 

Kym Keady – No matter what they say or do your teens need you to continue to care, connect and be their parent! 

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