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Mums Have Been Doing This For Years!

By Kathryn RichmondMonday 29 Aug 2016

It seems Celebrities are picking up on what Mums have been doing for years! Toddlerography!

James Corden from The Late Late Show, along with a selection of celebrity guests, have been taking part in high intensity Dance Classes that have been said to ‘make Beyonce cry’.

So what is this new dance craze?

Its called Toddlerography, and its something Mums have been doing for years.

The only difference being James Corden and his celebrity guest manage to maintain their impeccable looks while dancing along with these energetic toddlers!

This latest craze, which has captured the attention of not only Jason Derulo but Gwyneth Paltrow among other celebrities, attempts to imitate the dance moves of these energetic, demanding Toddler Instructors. Dressed completely in their active wear the pair impressively, albeit a bit clumsily, keep up with the energetic toddlers.

It’s pretty cute but admittedly does look pretty exhausting!

Who knew what Mums have been doing for years, would be now a popular dance tend! All those hours of chancing after the little onces, now can be called a Dance Class!

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