How to Make Your Own Speaker

By 96five Network Contributors Thursday 11 Jan 2018

We all love belting out tunes from our phones but how cool would it be if they were coming from your own speaker!

Now you can have your school holidays covered with this great practical project thanks to What’s Up Moms.

What you’ll need

All you’ll need is a cardboard tube, some contact paper and spray paint (optional), two plastic cups, a knife and some hot glue.

  1. Cover your tube in your choice of contact paper to give it a bit a pizzazz! This will form the base that your phone sits in.
  2. Next cut a slot in the middle of the tube for your phone to sit in. Do this by tracing the width of your phone, drawing the outline on the tube and cutting it out with a knife.
  3. You’ll now want to make the actual speakers. Trace the circumference of the tube onto some paper, cut it out and add some tape to the back. Tape the paper circle to the side of your plastic cup and cut out the circle on your cup.
  4. Decorate your ‘speakers’ with spray paint!
  5. Lastly put it all together. Pop each end of the tube into the holes in your cups and add some hot glue to the edges to keep everything intact.
  6. Time to test your newly made speaker!

Video supplied with thanks to Whats Up Moms parenting channel on YouTube.

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