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Phil Sargeson – Brisbane’s Top Dad!

By Justin RouillonTuesday 13 Aug 201996five Afternoons

Father-of-two, Phil Sargeson, has been named Brisbane’s Father of the Year for his selfless devotion to his family as well as his work in providing more than 1,000 school kids with a healthy breakfast every week.

Speaking with 96five’s Timothy Charles, Phil said he was surprised and honoured by the nomination.

“It was a pleasant surprise, and to think someone thinks I’m doing a good job as a father and something different in the community – it’s nice to be recognised.”

When posed the question what makes a great Dad, Phil reflected on the influence his father has had in his life.

“I try to model what my father taught my brother and I; respect other people, be kind, think of others before yourself, and engrain those things in my children.  Those principles are quite rare these days.”

Cereal For Coffee

That principle of thinking of others has extended into Phil’s community work.  In 2015, Phil and wife Samara launched Cereal for Coffee, a charity focused on providing a healthy breakfast for kids who miss out.

“One in five kids turn up to school without breakfast,” Phil says.  “We knew a youth worker at our local school who was running a breakfast program and decided to help him out in getting supplies.”

Phil had the idea of going to local cafes and getting them on board.

“We asked a few cafes if they’d be willing to give away free coffee in exchange for cereal boxes – just for one day,” Phil recalls.

Since its inception Cereal for Coffee has grown significantly. They’re now feeding more than 1,100 Brisbane kids a healthy breakfast each week.

Being Present

And what advice does Brisbane’s top Dad have for other fathers?  Phil reckons it’s all about quality time and looking for those teachable moments.

“Put the phone down and just be present with your children.”

“It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, just create those memorable experiences of going to their favourite places like the park.  Look for ways to teach your kids, what you’re doing could just be a menial task for you but your kids are interested, so look for ways to teach them something new.”

Phil joins five other regional finalists in the running for the state-wide Queensland Father of the Year award, which will be announced at a ceremony on Thursday 29 August 2019.

96five’s own Robbie Parkin will be the master of ceremonies and no doubt will be sharing plenty of advice from his book Diary of a Daggy Dad.

Hosted by SU QLD, the Queensland Father of the Year award honours outstanding fathers and father-figures for their exceptional commitment to raising their children, or for their exemplary contribution to the development of children in the wider community.

The 2019 Queensland Father of the Year will win 5 nights’ accommodation at Sea World Resort and Water Park along with unlimited entry to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet’n’Wild for the whole family for the duration of the stay.

For more information, head to or call 1300 478 753.

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