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10 Indoor Activities For Summer

Sometimes the best option at the height of summer is to stay indoors and enjoy the air-con. Here are some activities to keep you occupied.

By Lorrene McClymontFriday 19 Jan 2024ParentingReading Time: 2 minutes

In the heat of summer, sometimes the best option for parents with kids, is to stay home and enjoy the air-conditioning.

 But even if you’re limited to your four walls, there is still so much you can do!

Pillow fort

Grab you squishiest, softest pillows and build a fort. You can decorate it with your favourite toys, fairy lights, and blankets, anyway you please.

Arts and crafts

With paint, glue, and glitter, there are many things you can create. From a cardboard bus to a paper roll doll, the options are limitless. Get inspiration from the fun kids show, Mister Maker, who makes all sorts of wacky things.

Baking or cooking

Nothing is better than licking the spoon after mixing the icing. The warm cakes, muffins, or cupcakes are a delight when they have cooled slightly. Cooking or baking is a perfect way to spend the time as you get a treat from it.

Here is a list of child-friendly recipes you can try.

Learn a new hobby

Knitting, amigurumi, dancing, singing, gaming, sports, there is so much to learn. With the extra time, why not start during the holidays?

Visit the museum or art gallery

Many art galleries and museums are free, but they also have paid content such as short term exhibitions. Observe the paintings, sculptures, and historic artefacts and have a fun day in the city.

Board or electronic games

Grab you controllers or roll the dice, let the competition begin! With a range of options from Uno to Mario there is a ton of fun to spend with others, or entertain yourself.

Put on a performance

Perform a show for your family and friends. You can create your own original show or act something already created like Shakespeare.

Read a story or write your own

What adventure can you imagine? A knight in shining armour; a human on the moon; a world like no other? Let your imagination run wild. If you don’t want to write, you can read a story. Scholastic has a story-starters website designed to prompt your imagination.

Try new foods

Have you tried the 11 varieties of Australian apples? What about the many different flavours of chips? Or foods from different cultures? Widen your food knowledge and figure out your preferred flavours.

The big or little screen

Enjoy a film on the big screen or your TV. Stream from the comfort of your home or enjoy the atmosphere of the cinema with the nostalgic fragrance of the popcorn.

If you’re looking for outdoor activity ideas, check out these 8 outdoor activities for the summer holidays.

Article supplied with thanks to Life FM in Adelaide.

About the Author: Lorrene is an author and photographer from Natural Hope Photography.

Feature image: Photo by Dari lli on Unsplash