Do husbands have any responsibility on Mother's day? – 96five Family Radio

Do husbands have any responsibility on Mother’s day?

By 96five Tuesday 7 May 2013Scotty and Sal

Mothers day

Today’s Scotty & Sal Podcast!

We caught up with our parenting coach, Dr Justin Coulson about the dangers of over parenting – including what to look our for in your own parenting and how to make sure it’s all balanced!

PLUS Sal’s husband thinks mother’s day is about your mum, not about your wife…even if she’s the mother of your kids. It created pretty heated opinion on the show..

AND the RBA cut rates by 0.25% to a record low today! Our mortgage expert Belinda from Mortgage Choice shares her tips on what to do if the banks pass on the saving!

Catch it all in today’s Scotty & Sal podcast!

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