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Valentine’s Day on a Budget: 10 Ideas for a Special Day

From cooking dinner at home to going on a scavenger hunt, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the budget.

By 96five NetworkFriday 9 Feb 2024RelationshipsReading Time: 3 minutes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you might dismiss it as just a day to spend money, but there are ways to enjoy the day with your significant other that won’t put a hole in your wallet.

There are many stories about how this day came about, but many believe the day dates back to ancient Rome, when they celebrated the feast of Lupercalia.

The feast ran from February 13 to 15 and men would sacrifice a goat and a dog and then whip women with the hides of the animals that had been slain; young women lined up to be hit because they believed it would make them fertile.

The names of women were drawn out of a jar by a young man and the two would be a couple for the duration of the festival or longer.

Thankfully we have moved beyond these brutal practices and have now found better ways to find love; here are some ideas to celebrate the day with your significant other.

Movie marathon

A low-key night in could be made extra special with a movie marathon. There are so many ways to do this; you could have a theme for the movies you choose, such as superhero movies or anime movies; watch all of your favourite movies or pick some good ol’ rom coms.

Cook dinner at home

Enjoy a nice home cooked meal in the comfort of your own dining room. You could take turns cooking each meal, with one person cooking the main dish and the other dessert, or you could both work on the same dish together and chat as you prepare.

Scavenger hunt of your favourite moments

Return to the places where your fondest memories were made together and relive them. If you’re both the reflecting type, spend some time thinking about how those moments changed your relationship and what you learnt from them.

Enjoy a picnic

Pick a nice park, lay out the picnic mat and soak up some sun. You could make the picnic extra special by making and packing the food yourself, with each of you preparing the other’s favourite food. We are spoilt for choice for good parks in Sydney, so go for a drive and find one with a beautiful view. You could even take the ferry out to a park with views of Sydney Harbour, such as Cockatoo Island.

Have breakfast in bed

For all you married couples, why not start the day with a lovely breakfast in bed? One of you could wake up early to make pancakes or bacon and eggs for the both of you. To make it extra special, you could add ingredients to fancy it up, such as matcha pancakes or bacon and egg cups.

Board games night

For a quiet night in, an alternative to watching movies could be playing board games. They are usually considered a group activity but there are many board games that can be played between two people. Some of these are more collaborative than competitive, which will be great for preventing fights from breaking out.

Volunteer together

A nice way to spend some time together could be to volunteer at a charity. You can give back to the community and also grow as a couple as you work together. Consider volunteering at an animal shelter, serving food to the homeless or helping plant trees.

Museum date or a visit to an art gallery

There are always new exhibits at museums and art galleries and they are opportunities to learn new things and see life from a different perspective. This year for Valentine’s Day, Illawarra Light Rail Museum has a train that couples can ride together called the Valentine Express.

Go for a bushwalk

Spending time outdoors in nature can boost our mood and help us recharge. If you’re new to hiking, pick an easy path and go at your own pace. Sydney has a lot of walking trails, taking you around Sydney Harbour, along the coastline or through the bush.

Painting together

Buy two canvases and paint something together; your finished painting will be your gift to the other. No skills are required for this; it’s just a fun activity to do together. You could both paint the same thing and compare results afterwards or you could leave it a surprise by setting up the canvases back-to-back to each other.

Feature image: Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash