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Chasing Truth – Jemimah’s Escape From Domestic Violence [Audio]

By 96five Monday 24 Feb 202096five Afternoons

The shocking murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children in Camp Hill last week have left the nation appalled and angry.

Across the country there is an epidemic of domestic and family violence, with the National Domestic Violence Helpline experiencing a massive increase in calls to the service over the past 12 months.

Statistics show that police are called to a domestic violence incident every two minutes, and that every day 12 women are hospitalised as a result of this violence.

The most tragic statistic though is that women are still being murdered, with one woman being killed every week by their partners or former partners.

Jemimah Black has shared her escape from abuse at the hands of her husband in her memoir ‘Chasing Truth’.  She spoke to 96five’s Tim Charles about her journey from dating and marriage, to the realisation that she had married an emotionally and psychologically abusive man.

Jemimah Black speaking at the Chasing Truth Book Launch – Image: Kenneth Yam.

Listen to her story in the audio player above, and if you, or anyone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence, get in touch with one of the services below.

Jemimah Black and Tim Charles.

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