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The Metaverse Explained

Geoff Quattromani from the 'Technology Uncorked' podcast explains what the "metaverse" is all about.

By 96five NetworkThursday 4 Nov 2021TechnologyReading Time: 1 minute

By Ally Barnes

In case you missed it, the biggest company in the world has rebranded.

Last week Mark Zuckerberg announced that the umbrella company of Facebook and its sister apps Instagram and WhatsApp is now known as Meta, and they’re creating a metaverse.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of a billboard with the company's new logo, rebranding the umbrella company for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Many parents are anxious about the fact their kids never leave their rooms and their devices and, rather than pulling away from that reality, the metaverse will mean you may never need to leave your room for work, or jump on a plane to experience Paris.

You can feel like you’re in exactly the same room as your parents after a baby’s born, and you can go to the same concert with your best friend, even if you’re on the other side of the world. It’s all pitched like it’s about connections and people and relationships – a positive rebrand for a company that’s had a lot of negative headlines recently.

Listen to the full conversation with Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast explain Meta and it’s metaverse plans in the player above.

Feature image: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook