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Breakfast @ Damian and Carly’s Place

By 96five Tuesday 23 May 201796five Breakfast

Article written by 96five Intern – Jari Smith

Ken, Nicky and Steve had Breakfast @ Your Place at Damian and Carly Gonzalez’s home this morning, along with their kids Mikaela, Isabella and Isaac. Oreo, a 7 month old Maltese Shih Tzu, and Lobo, a 7 year old border collie (who thinks she’s still a puppy!) were also up for some early morning guests.

The 96five team and the family ate a delicious breakfast whipped up by the Vanilla Zulu team, while gazing at  the glorious views of Mt Tambourine from the comfort of the balcony. Then it was time to play ‘Third Draw Down’. Listeners called in, trying to guess what was in the family’s elusive 3rd kitchen draw. After a few wrong guesses, there was finally success. The answer? Tongs!

Ken and Steve also took the rain as an opportunity to complete the indicator and wipers syncing challenge – a very serious task, be assured! And the guys were successful!…sort of? We think that might be up for debate. Check out the Facebook Live video below.

Check out some photos of the morning.

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