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QLD Father of the Year: Nominations Close Today!

By 96five Friday 14 Jul 201796five Afternoons

96five’s Arthur Muhl had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Peter James, CEO of Scripture Union QLD, about this year’s Queensland Father of the Year award.

Scripture Union is the organisation behind Father of the Year, an award given to honour ordinary fathers who do extraordinary things for their kids and community.

Peter encouraged our listeners to think about a father they know who would make a great nominee for Father of the Year.

“The dads we’re looking for are dads who are just doing a great job in their family. Some of them are really battlers who are doing an amazing job in adverse circumstances. All of them have such a heart for their kids and for kids in the community as well. So it’s a range of things. If you know someone who’s an extraordinary dad and a role model, then please nominate them. It would be great to honour them.”
“Every one of them that you meet – they’re just down to earth blokes doing the best they can in a world that needs fathers… Every single nominee is a worthy father doing a great job.”

With today (Friday, 14th July) being the closing date for nominations, Peter encourages people to submit their nominations quickly at qldfatheroftheyear.org.au.

Listen to the whole interview below.


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