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By Christie MannFriday 3 Mar 2017Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

96five needs your feedback about how we can serve your family, and our city better in 2017. We want to hear what you love about your radio station and what you’d like to hear more of !

For over 40 years 96five has focused on ensuring your radio station speaks life into your life and those you love, which is why every two years we participate in a national study to help us better understand how we can serve you and your community in greater ways.

In the last survey you told us that maintaining the presence of Christian media is important you. This feedback is not just vital to the day to day programming of 96five, but provides community feedback to regulatory bodies, government and licensing authorities, all of which is imperative for the future of Christian Radio in Australia.

This year you even have the chance to win gift cards worth up to the value of $500 so start the survey and let us know what you think because your voice, makes our voice stronger! 

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Once again, we have asked the well-known research organisation McCrindle to conduct this survey as part of a national analysis of radio listeners.

Please be assured that this survey is completely anonymous and no answers are identifiable to you personally. It will take an estimated 12-14 minutes to complete, and completed entries have a chance of winning a $500 or $200 gift card. The winners will be chosen at random at the close of the survey.

Once again, thank you for your participation in this important national project.

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