Just one story, your story, could make all the difference!

Have you ever experience hearing the right song at just the right time, or has something on 96five made you laugh in the midst of deep sadness - brightening your day? Would you share your story with us?

By Christie MannThursday 1 Jun 2017Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

As a radio station focused on inspiring families and supporting the greater Brisbane community with an wavering message of Hope – 96five, through music, programs or encouraging messages is having an impact – far greater than just another Brisbane radio station. As such, we would love to hear your story, a story of how 96five fits into your family and how its presence in your life has impacted your life or that of your family’s.

Perhaps, there been a time in your life when:

  • 96five played the right song at just the right time
  • or you heard something that made you laugh in a time of sadness
  • or, maybe just relief in having a radio station that shows your kids the same respect as you do

Your stories inspire & fill us with humility for the work we have been called to do & today we are asking you to share your story just as Joanne Geri did last week.

“I just thought I’d let you know I listen to you every day and love listening to the great hope you put out there for everyone.” Joanne Geri, Listener

Please, would you share your story with us?