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Miracles Day 2017 – This is Raoul Olimpo

On a remote Phillipino farm 34 year old Raoul struggles to tend his crops with his pick. Raoul is blind. $32 dollars can change his life

By 96five NetworkMonday 14 Aug 201796five BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Article written by 96five Intern – Alec Camplin

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It’s March 2017 on a remote Phillipino farm and 34 year old Raoul Olimpo struggles to tend his crops with his pick. Later tonight he’ll return home to his family who he’s been toiling all day to provide for. He’ll walk in the door, gently touch his 3 year old daughters adoring face. He won’t be able to see her though. Raoul is blind.

Fast forward to August and millions of people like Raoul are missing out on the opportunity to see their loved ones grow up due to debilitating, but curable blindness. Our Ken, Nicky and Steve have been flown over to the Philippines this week to witness firsthand the pain of sightlessness and the power of a CBM operation. All this week they will be sharing the stories of those suffering from cataracts just like Raoul in the lead up to Miracles Day this Thursday.


With the help of donations such as those from 96five listeners, CBM was able to restore Raouls’ sight earlier this year for just $32. Prior to his operation Raoul shared about the need for him to continue to work on the farm for his family despite his blindness;

“Because I really wanted to give a means of living for my family I am still working even though I can’t see what I am doing. After the operation I want to see beautiful things and if my eyesight is restored I want to help others.”

After his 12 minute operation he spoke with CBM;

“My eyes are good today. Thank you for your help. Because of you I was able to have my sight restored. And I hope you can help more people like me and now I am looking forward to working well again because I can see better than before.”

The great thing is that more people like Raoul can be helped. We’re aiming for 30,000 miracles so this Thursday from 6am we’re asking for your help and to give sight for just $32.

If you’d like to help make miracles happen please call 131 226 or donate online here.