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Oxley State School: School Excursion

By 96five Wednesday 28 Jun 201796five Breakfast

Article written by 96five Intern – Jari Smith

Ken, Nicky and Steve headed to Oxley for the morning broadcast.

96five and the students, parents and teachers at Oxley State School braved the cold this morning. We had a huge crowd at the school – all rugged up, of course! Thank goodness we had the sausage sizzle to keep us warm!

It was a busy morning with laughs, games, chats, and tennis. The school sports captains showed off their Battleship sounds on the radio, and their battleship was sunk first guess. What are the chances?!

The choir sang a beautiful version of “On Top of the World”, a tribute to the beloved departing music teacher. What a beautiful memory! One of the school’s parents, Kelly Bentson, has kindly given us permission to share a video of the song. Check it out!

96five had a great morning at Oxley State School. Check out some photos of the morning!

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