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96five’s Family Photo Wall – send us a photo Worth sharing!

This appeal season, we want to see what is worth sharing to YOU! Click here to submit your captured memories for our very own '96five Family Photo Wall'.

By 96five Wednesday 18 Oct 2017Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

Send us a photo you’ve taken that’s worth sharing and means something to you for our ’96five Family Photo Wall’!

Photo’s, whether they be of your family, pets or a special holiday, will have pride of place at the station during the upcoming November Appeal (November 6-10) and once a day the 96five team will pick a highlight from all the memories to feature.

There will also be an online gallery.

Submit your photo below, drop us a short message of what you love about the station and stay updated through social media to keep track of your treasured moments throughout this appeal!

We love YOU, our “96five family”, and can’t wait have you and what’s important to you represented at the station during November.