Imagine if your kids were blind – and somebody could give them sight for $32…

By Christie MannTuesday 8 Aug 2017

This is the reality for millions of parents right across the globe. Many children are born blind from cataracts, which can be easily corrected, and sight restored with a $32, 12 minute operation.

Children like Aljon (13 years old) and his sister Marjil (7 years old) were both born blind from cataracts. They live in Bacolod in the Philipines, in a cramped tin shack where their parents sell oysters by the roadside to make a living.

May, their mother, describes the struggles Aljon & Margil face when they attend school and the everyday hazards facing them.

“Both of Aljon and Margil’s legs are heavily scarred from the many accidents,” May said.

“Even if they are just playing outside it’s really hard for me because I always look forward that they are ok. The other day, Aljon has just bumped into something because of the blindness they are suffering.

“Margil really wants to study and be active in school, but because of her deficiency in eyesight that’s why she cannot do everything.”

Miracles Day 2017, CBM, cataracts, blind, Philipines

Aljon 13yrs and Margil 7yrs. Location: Bacolod,
Philippines 2017. Photo by Erin Johnson, for CBM Australia

The children’s father Herminigildo explained that they haven’t been able to electricity in the house as the children so often experienced accidents while they were going around the house and said he dreams for a better future for them.

“I want my children to be able to study and finish their education because I am getting older and if I die, I just want to ensure my children’s future.”

Miracles Day 2017, CBM, cataracts, blind, Philipines

Margil 7yrs and May. Location: Bacolod, Philippines
2017. Photo by Erin Johnson, for CBM Australia

The facts:

  • 18 million people affected by cataracts
  • 90% of the visually impaired live in developing countries
  • $32 and a 12-minute operation can restore sight for life

How you can be a part of the change:

Together, we can help restore sight and hope for families like Herminigildo & May’s. Join 96five and 25 other radio stations across Australia on Miracles Day, Thursday 17 August, as we aim to give 30,000 people in the world’s poorest countries the Miracle gift of 12 minute sight-saving surgery. 

Be listening to 96five all next week and following their journey on Facebook as Ken, Nicky & Steve, as well as Luke & Susie broadcast live from the Philippines for Miracles Day 2017!


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