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Sandgate State School: School Excursion

By 96five Tuesday 23 May 201796five Breakfast

Article written by 96five Intern – Jari Smith

Ken, Nicky and Steve broadcasted the morning show from Sandgate State School this morning.

The wet weather didn’t keep away anyone! Hundreds of students from both Sandgate State School and Shorncliffe State School huddled together under cover to hang out with the 96five team.

The principals from both schools, Warren and Emma, spoke to Ken, Nicky and Steve about how close their two schools are. Principal Warren from Sandgate shared the need to work together to improve the community.

“It’s an integrated community. We work together.”

It’s so great to see two schools working so close together to build the entire community up!

The 96five team and the students and staff had a great morning. The scouts taught Steve how to make a colourful wristband and it was very pretty! Jay from First Swing showed Steve and Duke the DJ Dog how to hit a ball to hit a target. Duke hit the target the first time – which unfortunately is more than can be said for Steve. It just goes to show that dogs really are the best!

It was a great morning at Sandgate State School. If you would like 96five to come to your school, nominate here!

Check out the photos of our morning.

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