Same Sex Marriage: the passionate debate – 96five Family Radio

Same Sex Marriage: the passionate debate

By 96five Tuesday 29 Aug 2017Open House

They are the three words that have triggered much passionate debate from all sides in this conversation. 

View Statement by the Board of Family Radio Limited about the Marriage Reform Debate

Brisbane’s 96five is committed to discussing Same Sex Marriage in a manner that is informative, fair, non-inflammatory and respectful of all persons regardless of their point of view.

Stephen O’Doherty as well as being the host of the national weekly radio program ‘Open House’, is also the Board Chairperson of Brisbane’s 96five and Sydney radio station Hope 103.2.

He recently spoke with 96five’s Arthur Muhl, explaining the stance being taken by Brisbane’s 96five and the role it is playing in the national discussion on Same Sex Marriage. (View 96five’s Statement here)

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