SOS for an incredible eight-year-old with an important to-do list!

By Kathryn RichmondFriday 6 Oct 2017SOS

Being an eight-year-old girl can be tough just as it is, but one particular North Brisbane girl is still showing her beautiful smile in spite of tough diagnosis that will totally change her life in the future.

Olivia was recently been diagnosed with a rare condition called Gyrate Atrophy, a condition that will leave her blind by the age of fifteen. Irreversible and incurable, Olivia is one of less than 180 people who have the condition.

Although these are terribly challenging circumstances for Olivia, her mother Jolie, and younger sister, Olivia is approaching this all with an amazingly positive attitude. She has created a ‘visual bucket list’ including things like spending time at Australia Zoo with Bindi Irwin, seeing a panda and going to Disneyland!

She also wanted to see what a radio station looked like, and 96five was happy to help her out with this one! She came into the studios, spoke with Ken, Nicky and Steve, who just so happened to have some amazing visual surprises for Olivia. The first surprise that they had was having commercial helicopter pilot, Luke from V squared Helicopters, pop into the studio to say hello and offer her a tour around all of Brisbane from the air!

The next surprise was a VIP experience of the Wizards of Oz, including meeting some of the cast members. Olivia and her family were so excited and thankful for these little things that 96five were able to organise for them. A a massive thanks to Luke and the team at V Squared Helicopters, and the Team at the Wizard of Oz for making this SOS possible for Olivia and her family.

If you know of anyone who is doing it tough right now, nominate them for a 96five SOS.

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