SOS Update:
Family Facing MND

By Kathryn RichmondMonday 27 Feb 2017SOS

SOS Update: Ken, Nicky, and Steve made an SOS call to Cathy and Michael late last year. Cathy had recently been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

Thanks to Paradise Resort, 96five were able to gift the couple and their two boys a holiday at the Gold Coast. Also including Zone 4 Kids passes and food allowances. It was a deserved treat for the family, who have to battle with the crippling effects of Cathy’s terminal diagnosis.

96five received an email from the family sharing how this holiday created many wonderful memories. Especially sharing their thanks for this much needed time away.

Check out these photos of Michael, Cathy and the kids on holiday.

SOS Update

Missed the original Call, hear the audio here!

Know someone doing it tough, nominate them for an SOS Here!

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