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SOS for Zillmere family after a work accident!

An emotional SOS this morning for Kimberley and her family. Her husband fell off a ladder and has been experiencing seizures - mounting health diagnosis's and financial challenges have put a real strain on the family - check out what YOU have made possible through 96five in giving this Brisbane family a bit of a lift!

By Christie MannWednesday 6 Jun 2018SOSStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

96five’s Ken, Nicky and Steve turned up on the doorstep of Anthony’s family who are still finding their feet after a work accident that has made life harder on the family unit.

After witnessing her sister’s family struggling when recovering from a work related accident, 96five listener Shi decided to call upon the help of 96five’s SOS team.

Five months ago, Anthony experienced seizure that caused him to fall off his ladder while working for their painting business. As Anthony recovered, Kimberley began to look for work to provide for her family. Because Anthony’s seizures are ongoing he is unable to look after his children by himself which means relatives and friends have come to the aid of this battling family.

The support of the community have enabled the family to continue fighting.

With the generous support of Brisbane, 96five were able to provide the family with $400 worth of groceries and fuel vouchers to support their day to day needs. Station sponsor Menulog also jumped on board, giving the family $300 credit to help put dinner on the table each night.

The children were also treated with an experience that money can’t buy. Not only will they get to see Disney on Ice when it comes to Brisbane, they’ll feature as part of the show, joining their favourite characters on the ice!

Check out the video below as this family is surprised by Ken, Nicky & Steve with a 96five SOS!

This SOS is also thanks to all financial partners of 96five – if you have given financially to 96five YOU have made this SOS possible.

Again, a huge thank you to station sponsors Menulog & Disney on Ice for coming on board to help make this Brisbane family’s day just a little bit brighter.