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96five welcomes new presenters to the family!

By 96five Thursday 12 Apr 2018

Over the next week you’ll start hearing a couple of fresh voices on 96five, as we welcome new presenters Richard Fay and Natalie Kaiser to our roster of short radio spots.

Richard will be presenting ‘Secrets From the Shed’, a new series targeted towards men, and those who live with them! Natalie will be heard on the ‘Play, Learn, Bloom’ spots, which will help parents of young children with day-to-day tips and tricks, as well as how to help children reach their full potential.

New presenters with varied backgrounds

Both presenters are experts in their respective fields of practice.  Richard is an engaging, down-to-earth communicator, with a background as a pastor and has also spent many years in the corporate sector.  He has a Master’s degree in counselling, a Diploma in ministry and is the CEO of the Centre for Men Australia – a not-for-profit Christian organisation.  Richard is married to Judy and is a father to three awesome men!

Men don’t often seek help, even when their lives are falling apart..

“Men don’t often seek help, even when their lives are falling apart, until the women in their lives tell them to, so I know these spots will help, even if men receive the information through their wives or families,”  says Richard Fay.

Richard Fay

Maximising a child’s potential

Natalie is an occupational therapist who’s passionate about practically assisting parents maximise their child’s potential. She is the founder of Play Learn Bloom, where she helps children, through play, reach their developmental and learning potential and bloom.  Natalie is married to Justin and is a mum to an active six-year-old boy and a spirited three-year-old girl.

… it’s the small things we do that help.

“I’m excited to be able to share with parents practical ideas to encourage their child’s development, while remembering it’s the small things we do that help,”  says Natalie Kaiser.

 Natalie Kaiser

These spots are locally produced in the 96five studios, and apart from helping and impacting Brisbane, will also make a difference nationally, as they are offered free of charge to our affiliate stations around Australia.

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