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Thanks for having us Aspley East State School!

By 96five Wednesday 19 Sep 201896five Breakfast

By 96five Intern Sophie Mitra

What a beautiful and clear Friday morning at Aspley East State School’s 96five school excursion.

It was a truly wonderful morning filled with happy kids, a delicious sausage sizzle, lots of stalls and jumping castles! This school excursion was more of a personal event as our very own Ken’s (from Ken, Nicky & Steve) son Coby attends Aspley East State School.

Once again, we had our wonderful friends at the Girl Guides, Scouts and Get Ready Queensland join us for an incredible morning. Not to mention Amanda Cooper, Brisbane City’s Bracken Ridge Councillor who also spoke about the busy week ahead. We had Mr Andrew Duncan the principal discuss the amazing super fete that has took place over the weekend and not to mention an amazing performance by the school’s junior choir.

Well done to all the kids that read the weather and got involved with the on-air activities this morning! A huge pat on the back to the teachers and parents that also spoke on live radio, you did an outstanding job.

Thank you so much Aspley East State School for making us feel so welcome, we hope you had a spectacular morning just like we did!

If you would like 96five’s School Excursion to visit your school – go ahead and nominate your school here! The morning is free for state primary schools in the greater Brisbane area.

Here’s a couple of pics from Aspley East State School’s 96five School Excursion

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