Brisbane - You make THIS possible! Read these stories! – 96five Family Radio

Brisbane – You make THIS possible! Read these stories!

By 96five Friday 8 Jun 2018

As you may know 96five is a listener-funded radio station that relies on the support of people just like you. To keep us on-air for you and your family – and to help us continue to assist countless people across Brisbane who need real hope.

Through your investment You Make Hope Possible and help to bring a message that can literally save a persons life.

Here a just a few of the many stories of lives that have been impacted by 96five thanks to the support by those like you:

I’ve suffered from depression all my life but now I feel like I can listen to the radio, get inspirational quotes during the day and when thinks get tough I’ll recite that to myself throughout the day.

– Jennie

An old friend of mine from uni who wasn’t a Christian at the time noticed that the music on 96five was different and filled with hope. Through listening to 96five God used that to get our friend to know God and he is now a missionary.

– Shayla

If I turn the radio on when I feel down you guys always put a smile on my face no matter how bad the day has gone.

– Venicia

I accidentally found you and you have so inspired me. I’m a school teacher. Sometimes its hard to get to school and you know I just love it – you’re such a fantastic station.

– Janette

It’s now the only station I listen to, I listen all the way to work and back. Up until about 8 months ago I went through quite a few years of struggle myself and I know what its like. And its not easy to come out the other side. There’s not a lot of support out there and you guys continually advertise the support you have for the community, for people who are doing it tough, and I just think Its fantastic.

– Anita

I’m blessed with my church family, but there’s some people who don’t have that. So 96five might be the only way they get the encouragement and the hope to take the next step and get through that day.

– Leonie

It’s so important to hear positive messages. Its important to me working in family law and it reminds me to remind my clients and a lot of the people that I do mediation work with to pay it forward. To look for the good. To be calm. To feel loved and do no harm.

– Ann-Marie

We’d love it if you could join us in making hope possible by making a fully tax-deductible donation. Your special end-of-finacial-year investment will see, more hope for Brisbane, more hope for those you love, more hope for those who will become stories like you’ve just read. 

Finally we’ll leave you with just a few words from Barry, long time supporter of the station –

I’d hate it if you guys weren’t there. I can’t keep you there financially on my own but I can help – I can do my little piece. It’s always a pleasure to support you in whatever way I can. So I can just encourage 96five to keep doing what you’re doing and keep the walk.

– Barry

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