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Chappy Sarah wins Gold at the Invictus Games

Brisbane chaplain Sarah Petchell takes out the gold medal at this year's Invictus Games for women's powerlifting in the heavyweight category.

By Justin RouillonThursday 25 Oct 2018Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Overnight Brisbane chaplain Sarah Petchell secured the gold medal in the Women’s Heavyweight category of the Powerlifting at this year’s Invictus Games.

It was a stellar night for the Aussie women as they took out the trifecta, with Tiff White taking the silver medal, and Brigid Baker securing bronze.

Sarah Petchell proudly shows off her Invictus Games medals for Powerlifting (Gold) and Indoor Rowing (Bronze).Chappy Sarah led from the front with her first lift of 83 kilos, and then nailed her 86 kilo lift in the 2nd round to claim the gold medal.

‘It’s just good to see all the hard work pay off, and working through injuries, pain and the struggle of managing life and training – and it’s great to come away with the gold and have a great time with some amazing people’.

Sarah Petchell with Curtis McGrath OAM in the Soldier Recovery Centre.

Speaking with 96five’s Ken, Nicky and Steve, Chappy Sarah paid tribute to those competitors who were struggling with unseen injuries and mental trauma.

‘There’s so much going on backstage that people don’t see with athletes encouraging each other. Some athlete’s struggle with PTSD and mental health, and going out in front of a roaring crowd is overwhelming. But with the support of their team mates they can come out and face that, holding back tears, and that is a gold medal for them’.

It’s been a successful games for Sarah, also taking out bronze in both the 4 minute endurance and 1 minute sprint events at the indoor rowing. She was also taking part in the women’s shot put and discus events today.