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Incredible Transformation in Back2School Makeover

 A couple of weeks ago, Emily and her family saw their study area transformed from chaos to calm after won the 96five Back2School Makeover earlier this year. Check out the incredible transformation - including before and after photos.

By Christie MannTuesday 27 Feb 2018Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Emily and her family saw their study area transformed from chaos to calm after they won the 96five Back2School Makeover earlier this year.

In seeing the incredible before and after photos it’s so exciting to see the difference that this is going to make for Emily and her daughter’s Jemimah (14) and Bethany (12), who are both home-schooled.

The family were very much involved in the process from start to finish and were able to donate a car load of supplies to their local op shop from the room, and were astounded at how fast the team from 1800 Got Junk were able to remove the rubbish. The girls also received coaching from the Little Miss Organised team on a new mindset for their new space, implementing the new mantra ‘don’t put it down, put it away’ and working together to come up with some simple daily, weekly and monthly tasks to help keep the room tidy.

As Emily shared “the girls love the room makeover. One daughter just walks in there and gazes about the room, while the other wants to do more school work just so that she can be out there more! Even the dog is more comfortable being in there!”

“Thank you! We’re greatly appreciative of the time you put in to our work station.”

When you have a project that’s become overwhelming, and you want to achieve the same kind of results, decluttering is always the first step, taking all the things out that were not loved, used or needed resulted in an uncluttered room and plenty of storage space.

96five Back2School Makeover

As Bonnie Black, Professional Organiser at Little Miss Organised explained “we see cluttered spaces like this every day. Sometimes the cause is minimal but the effect is long lasting and difficult to get on top of. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind and makes work or study very difficult and unpleasant. For people who use their work or study space daily, creating a functional yet beautiful space is essential. You have to actually want to sit at your desk if you’re going to be productive.”

“It’s amazing the feeling of calm and peace that is created once a space is beautiful and functional. This is why we do what we do – the feeling of a burden lifted and a life transformed. It can be a tiring and draining process making all those decisions on what to keep and what to let go of, but the end result is worth it.”

96five Back2School Makeover

Again, a huge thanks to station sponsors Little Miss Organised, 1800-GOT-JUNK? and Fantastic Furniture for their incredible contributions in seeing this transformation through to completion!