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Introducing…The Crumpet Burger. Are you ready, Brisbane?

For the past couple of weeks, Ken, Nicky & Steve have been on a mission...a mission to create one of the world's first crumpet burgers. Find out which Brisbane cafe is serving up this delectable offering

By Christie MannTuesday 24 Apr 201896five BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

For the past couple of weeks, Ken, Nicky & Steve have been on a mission…a mission to create one of the world’s first crumpet burgers.

April 24, 2018. Mark this date in your diary as one of the poignant moments in history. A time where burgers had only existed with sour dough, panini, turkish, seeded or brioche ends, a time that the crumpet was only known to exist on its own, with honey as its single claim to fame.

Enter 96five’s Ken, Nicky & Steve who have been on a mission to create a world first, Crumpet Burger. Reinventing the crumpet, in all its awesomeness, to become ‘The Crumpet Burger’.

After experimenting in the lab (studio) with a few ideas: Steve’s Steak Crumpet Burger and Nicky’s sweet, Ice-Cream Crumpet Burger, it was ultimately Ken’s Breakfast Crumpet Burger that won over the team and listeners hearts (taste buds). The callout was then issued to McDonald’s, who couldn’t be reached, then wider to Brisbane cafes right across the city to see who would be the great pioneer to launch this awesome invention.

After a small amount of good-will negotiations, Sandy Oswald, the Manager of Rivers Cafe in Carindale called Ken, Nicky & Steve with the good news – their cafe wanted to launch ‘The 96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger’.

April 24 is the official launch of ‘The 96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger’ – and to get your mouth watering here’s the list of full ingredients.

  • Two Fresh Oven Roasted Crumpets
  • Delicious Beef Sausage
  • Sizzling, Perfectly Browned Bacon
  • Seasoned Scrambled Egg
  • ‘The Hero’ Hash Brown
  • Tasty Tomato
  • Oozy and Cheesy Melted Cheese
  • Secret Sauce
96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger

The mouth watering ‘96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger’ on offer for a limited time at Rivers Cafe

If you would like to try this marvelous creation for yourself, make your way with the rest of Brisbane (it’s going to take off) to Rivers Cafe – Citipointe Church Complex, 322 Wecker Road, Carindale. It will be on the menu for a limited time at the very affordable cost of $7.50. Mark our words – this is just the beginning. Make sure your phone has Instagram ready as you’ll want to be one of the first posting about this trend!

96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger

Steve & Sandy, Managers at Rivers Cafe at the pre-launch of ‘The 96five Breakfast Crumpet Burger’