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6555 Miracles Given by Brisbane!

By 96five Monday 20 Aug 201896five Breakfast

CBM’s Miracles Day last week saw tremendous results nationwide with a total of 38,719 Miracles gifted – 6555 of these from 96five listeners.

Ken, Nicky & Steve and Luke & Susie are on their way back home after travelling as guest of CBM to Vietnam.  All last week they broadcast from location in northern Vietnam, taking listeners on the journey of meeting the families, hearing their stories and seeing the life changing impact of sight restoration.

Miracles Day is CBM’s annual opportunity for Australians to lift someone out of deep poverty, by giving a simple, affordable cataract surgery that will restore sight – for only $33. The operation only takes 12-minutes.

These rural villagers in northern Vietnam have been living in darkness due to cataract blindness – destined to a life of hardship. The surgeries they will undergo will change their lives forever, enabling them to not only see their loved ones again, but also attend school, gain employment and escape poverty.

The 6555 Miracles mean that, not only have 6555 people had their sight restored and lives changed forever – but multiply this by this person’s family and the community they live in and the change and outcome really is miraculous!

Here are some of the photos & videos taken of the trip!

In transit!

Ken, Nicky & Steve talk to a traditional food vendor in Hanoi.

Fish in Hanoi 636

Steve & Nicky are a bit nervous about how you buy fish (not Ken) in the food market. Fish are scaled and prepared live as you order.

Steve checking out the livestock the family keep.

Ken in front of the home of the family who are about to experience the life-changing cataract surgery. Can you imagine navigating those stairs with next to no vision???

One of the kids who live in the home Ken, Nicky & Steve visited.


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