Thank you for a great response to funding a new transmitter!

By Christie MannFriday 20 Apr 2018

In March, we communicated to you that 96five’s transmitter was aging, and was due for replacement. Thank you so much to those who came on board and contributed a gift to this project, and while the project has a way to go to being funded, we have certainly made progress towards the target figure of $60,000.

You’re able to hear 96five because a crucial piece of equipment, our transmitter, is sending a signal across Brisbane. Because of the current shortfall, unfortunately we will be relying on dangerously tired technology for some time yet to broadcast real hope and encouragement to thousands of people each day.

We would really appreciate your continued prayers – both that our current transmitter would continue to work smoothly – and that we would be able to secure the necessary funding to be able to carry out this project to completion.

“I am not exactly sure what it is about 96five that is different, but for the first time in my life I feel like I belong to something… This is a journey that I have just started, but I already feel the support of your station, as if you somehow know exactly what I need to hear each day.  If that is not a sign of something bigger than just ourselves, I am not sure what is.” JO


Again, thank you so much to those who have contributed toward purchasing a new transmitter – we appreciate you so much.

If you would like to contribute to this project with a financial gift, that would be wonderful. Please click here to make your donation.


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