The 96five EKKA Showbag Showdown!

By Christie MannMonday 13 Aug 2018

You CAN’T have the EKKA WITHOUT showbags…But you CAN have showbags WITHOUT the EKKA…

All this week, the 96five Street Machine is giving away genuine EKKA Showbags. Come find us at the following locations from 3-3.30pm to grab yours!!!

Friday 10.08 – Rothwell Park, McGahey St, Rothwell

Monday 13.08 – Woodridge Adventure Park, Kingston Road, Woodridge

Tuesday 14.08 – Yandina Park, Wecker Rd, Mansfield

Wednesday 15.08 – Sherwood Arboretum, Jolimont Street, Sherwood

Thursday 16.08 – Frew Park, Frew Street, Milton

Friday 17.08 – Decker Park, Twenty Fifth Avenue, Brighton

It’s thanks to station Sponsor SHOWBAGS.COM.AU Take your pick before you go to the Ekka at!

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