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96five SOS – Tangalooma Escape for Cancer Survivor

As part of our SOS program Ken, Nicky & Steve surprised cancer survivor Allan at his workplace with a weekend getaway to Tangalooma Island Resort.

By Justin RouillonThursday 13 Jun 2019SOSStation NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Our latest SOS recipient would have to be a contender for Father of the Year.

Allan Bevan is a father of four, and although only 37 years old, has been battling cancer for the third time in eleven years. The first discovery was cancer in his skull as the result of a melanoma. In 2014 there were several tumors detected throughout his torso, which were diagnosed only six months after the birth of his son Logan.

Allan suffers from a rare condition called Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome.

And the latest battle has been with a cancer between his gall bladder and liver. During his second cancer fight it was discovered that Allan had a genetic condition called Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome.

This rare disorder affects only one in every million people, and results in cancer of the digestive system, which can travel to other parts of the body.

Unfortunately the gene can be passed onto children, and it’s been confirmed that Allan’s two oldest children have this genetic condition.

Despite all this Allan has worked hard to support his family, even though his condition and the treatment can leave him violently ill. Through bouts of chemotherapy and immunotherapy Allan has faithfully turned up to work in the marine manufacturing industry.

Ken, Nicky & Steve deliver Allan’s SOS gift for him and his family.

Speaking with 96five’s Ken, Nicky and Steve, Allan downplayed his fighting spirit:

“When they discovered it was cancer between my gall bladder and liver, I had pre-chemo treatment through that.  But otherwise I’m fine…that’s life.”

He was also quick to recognise the support of his workplace and manager – “My boss and the owners are great, they look after all of us.”

A Chance to Get Away From It All

Allan was nominated for a 96five SOS by his wife Sarah, who couldn’t speak highly enough of Allan’s efforts for his family throughout his cancer battles. “He is such a trooper, and it would be fantastic if he could have some time out from work and relax a bit.”

“Anything to allow him to have a break and forget his illness for a while would be absolutely amazing.”

Thanks to our good friends at Tangalooma Island Resort Allan, Sarah and the kids are off to beautiful Moreton Island for a two night stay, valued at almost $2000.

The family are off to Tangalooma for 2 nights, packed with nature based adventure! Image: Tangalooma Island Resort.

Tangalooma have thrown in an entire package to ensure the family has a wonderful time away, including whale watching, a quad biking tour and the famous dolphin feeding. They even included return ferry transfers, free parking at Holt Street Wharf and breakfast daily!

This is going to be a great time away for the family to create some really special memories, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the happy snaps when they return!

The ever popular dolphin feeding is an iconic activity at Tangalooma. Image: Tangalooma Island Resort.

You and your family can spot whales by day and hand feed wild dolphins at night, exclusively at Tangalooma Island Resort. Moreton Island is only a 75 minute boat trip on the resort ferry, so book your slice of island paradise now at www.tangalooma.com.

Quad biking is a popular activity on Moreton Island. Image: Tangalooma Island Resort.