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Help 96five Sponsor A Village With Compassion!

By 96five Friday 22 Mar 2019

Sponsor A Child Today!

Right now you and your family are invited to join with 96five and Compassion Australia to sponsor at least 100 kids and help transform a village in The Philippines.

The village of Barangay Uno on Samar Island is a place where poverty deprives children of the advantages we take for granted for our own kids here in Brisbane. Poverty that brings malnutrition, lack of sanitation, and little education dis-empowers children. It tells them, “You don’t matter, you are nothing. Life will always be this way.”

Together, We Can Bring A Hope More Powerful Than Poverty

You can be part of the village that supports a village and change the lives of vulnerable children in Barangay Uno. Your commitment will be $48 a month to sponsor a child. That’s only a couple of cups of coffee a week.

How You Can Sponsor A Child In Barangay Uno

Issues That Face Barangay Uno

As in many urban poor communities, this neighbourhood suffers from rampant gambling and alcohol abuse.

Common health problems include diarrhoeal diseases due to lack of clean drinking water and an increased rate of malnutrition in children.

You sponsorship will provide a child with Bible teaching, health screenings, life-skills training, hygiene training, vaccinations, health kits, art and music activities, and more.

The staff will also provide parenting education, Bible study and prayer support for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.

About Barangay Uno Village

  • Typical houses have dirt floors, wooden walls and corrugated iron roofs.
  • Rice is the staple food.
  • Most adults make a living by farming, fishing, or day labour.
  • Average family income is around 8000 Philippine pesos (equivalent to $A208) per month.


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