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KNS Catchup – Get A Haircut & Get A Real Job

By Justin RouillonThursday 21 Nov 201996five Breakfast

The workplace was on the agenda this week and the guys really wanted to know about jobs you’ve been offered.

With the cricket test series kicking off at The Gabba we heard that there’s a shortage of cricket commentators – but not to worry!  Steve has the solution!

And we also discovered what your fridge says about you!

If you missed last week’s catchup you can listen here.

Three mates with microphones – Ken, Nicky and Steve come together with the great city of Brisbane every weekday morning from 6am to share fun, faith and family and everything about life’s journey. They love to have a laugh, talk from the heart and be a part of our great community. Read more about them here!

Most Friday’s during the school term you’ll find them at a local Brisbane Primary School broadcasting live for 96five’s School Excursion. Otherwise, they’re overlooking Brisbane from 96five’s Studio One.

Be prepared for a barrel full of laughs, games for the kids before school starts and probably a bucket of tears as well if you happen to catch one of the SOS calls!

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