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CBM Miracles Day 2019 – Ken, Nicky & Steve Live From Nepal

96five's Ken, Nicky & Steve set off for Nepal ahead of Miracles Day on Thursday. They'll broadcast from a remote part of Nepal near the Indian border.

By Justin RouillonFriday 9 Aug 201996five BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

This morning 96five’s Ken, Nicky & Steve set off on a journey to the top of the world.

They’re heading to Nepal as guests of CBM for Miracles Day 2019, where they’ll witness first-hand the life changing impact of restored sight.  In the lead up to Miracles Day on Thursday the team will be broadcasting live from Nepal, and reporting on the work that CBM is undertaking in the country to eliminate cataract blindness.

Ken, Nicky & Steve witnessed eye surgeries with CBM last year in Vietnam.

Cataract which causes clouding of the lens in the eye, is the leading cause of blindness around the world.  There’s an estimated 20 million people suffering the condition, with the  majority of these people live in developing countries.  The good news is that cataract can be surgically removed with a 12 minute operation.

It takes only $33 to give the miracle gift of sight saving surgery to the worlds poorest people.

Last year 96five listeners gave 6555 miracles!  This changed lives forever, enabling people to not only see their loved ones again, but also attend school, gain employment and escape poverty.

This year the focus is on Nepal, which despite the tourist appeal of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, is one of the worlds poorest nations.  Just under half of the population live below the poverty line.

CBM has been working in Nepal for over 40 years, with almost one million examinations and 130,000 eye surgeries in the last year alone.

CBM have purpose built facilities in Nepal, treating thousands daily.

Ken, Nicky and Steve will be broadcasting and reporting from a hospital in a remote area of Nepal near the border of India.  This particular hospital examines around 1,000 people and performs 200 surgeries each day.

From Monday to Wednesday the team will bring you a unique insight into the work of CBM in Nepal.  And then on Thursday as we celebrate Miracles Day you’ll have the opportunity to partner with 96five and give someone the gift of sight.

You can give a miracle by phoning 131 226, or donating online.

Find out more about the work of CBM by visiting their website.